Join DTG on January 21st as they host an Epson Certified Solution Center Event
          Call for details: 1-800-681-0024


          DTG Provides Complete Imaging Solutions, from Capture to Finish

          Based in Tampa, Florida, Digital Technology Group, Inc (DTG) was founded in 1998 by current owners Scott Erickson and Mark Killen. Both Mark and Scott were early pioneers in the world of digital imaging & printing technologies and have grown DTG into one of the most successful and well respected companies in the digital imaging industry. Large manufacturers including Canon, Epson, HP, Hasselblad, Hahnemuhle, Sawgrass, and others have chosen to partner with DTG in providing our customers with the latest, cutting edge imaging solutions.

          DTG provides complete imaging solutions, from capture to finish, to the photographic, fine art, signage, textile and graphics manufacturing markets. DTG prides itself on offering the best pre-consultation, products, training, and support in the industry and specializes in applying critical color management solutions for all of our customers' needs.

          DTG's Tampa headquarters also showcases the only Epson Certified Solution Center in the Southeastern United States. The solution center showcases the entirety of Epson's latest professional printing portfolio alongside a variety of accessories allowing customers to directly experience and evaluate products in a complete workflow.

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